Hi all,

Just a slight issue...
Doing multicast testing here:

- Booting from PXE, using manual command to initiate multicast.
-- i.e. img -s <sessionname> -client

This works fine if I log onto our Netware server and set up the session manually.
However, if I log onto Console One and add a new session to the same server, then it doesn't connect at all.

Obviously the network routing etc is set up correctly as it works from the server console.

So, question:
Does creation of the session on Console One permit manual multicasting?
We don't use Zen Partitioning or automated imaging from Windows at all.

This document says:
"If you want to perform a manual multicast session, you need to start the multicast session from the ZENworks Imaging server (Linux, NetWare, or Windows)."
--- So does that confirm that it wont work from Console One in the manner I'm trying?