Greetings fellow Novell users.

We are a K-12 school district that has been successfully using ZFD 7.1 for several years managing (and imaging) Windows XP workstations. I am looking forward to what will replace XP and wish to try SLED (instead of Vista). I have some beta builds of SLED workstations and have successfully imaged them with the ZFD imaging engine.

Now, I am comfortable and familiar with Suse linux, but ZLM is new to me. How similar is ZLM to ZFD as far as managing the SLED desktops (as opposed to ZFD on XP)?

More importantly, can I install ZLM and have it coexist peacefully with ZFD while I experiment with the test SLED machines during the rollout? I would think that at least the PXE imaging servers would conflict, no? We currently run ZFD on Netware 6.5 servers (running under VMWare ESX). My plan is to install ZLM 7.2 on a SLES10 server in VMWare ESX to test managing the SLED machines. Is this a good strategy?

Any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated. As stated above, I am approaching this from a position of familiarity with ZFD, but NO experience with ZLM (just a comfort level as a linux desktop/server user).