Hoping someone out there has seen this or has an idea of how to fix it. We had a few workstations running XPSP2 that were not registering properly with the ZCM server which is 2k3. We ended up doing the following on these workstations:

1. zac unr
2. clear image safe data using ziswin
3. manually delete object from the device list (i manually added them)
4. deleted devicedata and deviceguid from c:\program files\novell\zenworks\conf
5. zac reg https://zenserversame

This seemed to work perfectly. Machines showed up under the devices, we assigned them to folders, and I was able to remote control, and dlu policies were working great. I just happend to click back on devices maybe 10 min later, and the machines had disappeared. What's strange is if i go to do a remote control, i'm able to by IP, however nothing shows up under devices anymore?? Not sure what would've caused this or how to get them back again without running the same process, but if this doesn't work, it's not worth running again..

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance