I installed an intel adapter PRO/1000 PT to replace using the integrated Broadcom nic on a Dell PE2950 server. As soon as I loaded the driver I started getting very slow responses on the server console. Changing screens, typing on the command line, viewing Monitor. Hangs would last several to over twenty seconds. Also, from workstations response to opening files, browsing in windows explorer were very slow with same long "hangs".
There are not any drivers on the Dell site for Netware using Intel nics on the PE2950. I tried using the latest driver from the Intel site, e1000e version 10.48, and the driver from the SP7 upgrade, version 10.21.01. It doesn't even have to be bound to IP to get the symptoms on the console. I noticed that odineb.nlm was not loaded, and I loaded it and got alot of improvement, but still not as good as it should be.
Any one see this with Intel nics on new Dell's? Any suggestions?