Have one newly setup client. Initial install when fine, system rebooted as requested, then the staff member mistakenly re-ran the install over the current install, I think while it was getting some initial updates ( Didn't seem to initially affect the agent, however. In the meantime, the system had some issues with an HP Credential Manager, and we ended up removing that app and the associated apps (protect tools) from the system. But now we are finding that after a reboot, the zenworks services don't start. The workstation event logs indicate the services start then immediately stop. Manually trying to start them does the same thing. Tried uninstalling the Agent and it bombs on that with an error. Soooo.....what do I do to correct this problem? Right now, it takes about 2-3 minutes logging into the system for it to figure out that the Zenworks services are not started and timeout and just load up the desktop.

The Zenworks services are not in any way tied to the HP protect tools and Credential manager, are they? I don't think so. But not sure why the Zen app suddenly went foobar after it looked like it was set up--it did make an initial contact with the server, downloaded a discovery bundle, and also ran an initial inventory.