GW 7, sp3HP1 on NW6.5.7, client is version 7.0.3 without HP1 because I saw a
post about this issue arising in HP1 with the advice to keep clients at
plain SP3 level--
attaching DMS docs is flaky for sure--some attach just fine, others not and
I am still looking for what is different about the docs.
User attaches the document which appears to work fine, but on trying to send
the doc, get E811 error when attempting to send the message. The email is
delivered to the recipient without the attachment. Document is not in use
(confirmed via the doc activity log), user has View and Edit rights to the
document. I tried clearing out the temp folder on the Windows XP
workstation, that was not it. Sender CAN open the document from the
documents folder just fine.

Did this also occur in 7.0.2 client? We never had this issue that I can
recall in 6.5 at all.