We have a "little" speed problem.

general tree hierarcy:


volume folder structure

so i if select a folder (dir002) from server volume and try to assign
rights straight to a user and i do it with explorer context menu (right
mouse button) trustee rights. i select people where all the users are
(26000) and "open" it by cliking that +-sign.

guess what happens?

it takes few minutes to open it... "explorer not responding". with
prosessmonitor from sysinternals it looks like it reads all user objects
one by one.... and it takes long time...

is something wrong with our system or is it just working like that? AND
is there something to be done to speed it up?

main goal is to give access rights to staff to be able to control
certain volume directories access rights. "outsource" the service which
is previously done by helpdesk...

How have you done this kind of process? let one user ("owner") to take
control of one directory and let him/her to control who can do and what
there. folders are whatever project/group etc folders...

mikkoim @ metropolia