There seems to be no means for moving iPrint Agents (printers) in any management tool for a Linux/OES2 environment.
Neither iManager or any other tool sems to have any method for moving printer agents (PAs) from one
iPrint Manager to another. The option is there in iManager for Netware, but not for Linux.
The SCMT (migration tool) does not detect any Linux PAs on the source side either.

So it seems that the only option is creating/editing an exported CSV-file from the iPrint Managers.
But then again, there's no way to import this file!

For Netware there's the PAGen2.exe tool which can perform an import from a CSV-file.
But for Linux there is no such tool that I can find...

Is there any possibility for moving PAs in OES2 at all?
I mean c'mon - is the latest OES2 iPrint management that crippled?!

Please help - I've got lots of PAs to move after new OES2 installations..!

- Erik