We currently have a problem with the SurfControl rule on our BorderManager
server. The rule, and selected categories, are being ignored which means
that users have almost unrestricted browsing! We think this problem may have
started since the upgrade to SurfControl version 6.1, we are currently
running BorderManager 3.8 sp4 and NetWare6.5 sp5. There are no errors
showing in the logs and the upgrade went through without errors. Updates are
completing ok at 2am everymorning, logs attached for viewing.

All other rules are working ok and to test I created a new rule for a
restricted site and this worked fine. I've moved the rule to the top of the
list but still same problem. I've deleted the rule and re-created from
scratch, still same problem.

SurfControl support is limited as they have little Novell / BM knowledge.

Anyone else have this problem or any ideas before I re-install??

On the plus side memory management is a lot better on this version!!