I must evaluate NotifyLink and want to know how the product works with GW.

1. What if I have several PO? Does I have to configure as many mail servers
that I have PO or do I just need to point to the GWIA?
2. Do I have to enable IMAP on each PO or just on the GWIA?
3. Can I decide not to sync email (just PIM information)?
4. If I decide not to sync email, do I really need to configure a SNMP
server (maybe NLES sent kind of notifications to devices by thos way?)
5. What if I do not Trust NotifyLink to the Groupwise System?
6. I suppose there is no problem to use the Web component (IIS) behind a
reverse proxy that hosts the SSL certificate?
7. Any advice about configuring NLES and GW (several PO, cluster)?

Thank you.