I read Novell har a problem with to loyal customers that dont want to migrate from Netware to Linux. I've been waiting to see if OES Linux gets as easy to setup that Netware is and now OES2 is looking very good.

There is no question that Netware still is a very good OS. It performs very well in file and print and is probebly still the best directory-server. I've been working with IDM and HP Procurve ACS/ACM and eDir is a very good LDAP.
The only thing i've been missing is a way to get rid of secondary useraccount on Windows workstations, but of course there is some way to do this, but it require some work. Well OES2 SP1 is out as Public beta and it will introduce "Novell Domain Service for Windows". This will integrate eDir with AD, or AD with eDir.
NSS is also probebly the best filesystem to and i feel its much easier to manage trustees in NSS than os NTFS or Linux FS.

I still struggle to get iPrint to work on OES2 Linux, but this is probebly my lack of knowledge on OES2 Linux, but im seriously consider to migrate from Netware to Linux and getting the power of 64bits OS is a big advantage.

So i'm curious to know hvow many are now planing to migrate!