We have CIFS enabled all of our users Home, Share volumes and some apps install volume space for notebook application installs.
NetWare 6.5, SP7, Novell Clustering
CIFS works well under XP
However, it is sporadic, at best under Vista, whether maintaining connections, browsing files/directories and more importantly copying files to use as "off-line access".
Small file copies mostly finish, but not able to successfully accomplish larger file copies. The connection either drops or says the operation was completed when it was in fact not.
We have clients who do not want to use the Novell Client, so we have setup CIFS for them.
We have followed the suggestion in the Novell TID (cannot find the number just now)...
Any assistance is greatly appreciated! I am in the process of getting one of the guys to open a support ticket with Novell, but would rather not burn one if I did not have to.


Tony ...