Hi All,

With BM 3.8 I used to block some internal computers from browsing by adding a deny access rule. I am trying to get the same rule put in using Imanager on bm 3.9 and it doesn't work. Is anyone else doing this. I add an access rule that has 2 conditions(I want to add one with just one condition for computer name but it won't let me), the first is the source hostname starts with and I put in the computer/dns name I then have to put in a codition for origin server port and I list port 80(I have tried 443 and 8080 also) I select deny access and the computer can still connect.

I can easily block urls and I figured it would be just as easy to block internal computers from going out, does anyone know of an easier way to block computers, I don't use filters at the moment.

Also I was going to use the proxy.cfg file from Craig Johnson but I am not sure if those settings are applicable to bm 3.9

Thanks for any help, has anyone found bm 3.9 to be better than the other versions?