I have deployed client 1.0 sp1 for Vista and have problems with slp.

When a computer boots or the wireless card is disconnected, ie: loses
connectivity with the access point I am finding that my vista machines
are not reconecting back.

There is a lot of reliance of prefered server being set so connections
are made directly to specific servers. I don't image this is intended
by Novell, as it certainly wasn't the case with XP.

With XP I would usually test this with slpinfo, and in most cases as
soon as the notebook is issued with an ip slp would be connecting within
a short amount of time later.

Is this a common problem or just part of the vista client which we just
need to deal with, are others experiencing this ?

If this is not a fault, and just a common scenario what are my options ?
How can I overcome this issue ?