We have setup Imaging and patched up to latest version SP1 IR3a (not HP1 beta as of yet, since it's beta). We have PXE up and running smooth and Linux environment downloaded and booted. But as soon as we try to download an image it won't work (we do it manually with command: img rp 10.x.x.x //10.x.x.x/path/image.zmg).

Theres no firewall or anything between server and clients. Reading some docs points me to port 998 on server, when trying to telnet we dont get to connect. This is testenvironment.

When I try in our production (old ZENworks 4.01) it works. We can even boot PXE towards the testserver and get the Zen7 Linux environment and download images from the old Zen4 server and path.

My thoughts is that "some" service is not up and running on the testserver.
Any input on this?