My network consists of three Netware 6.5sp7 servers and two Windows 2003
servers. The Netware Servers run Timesync.nlm

I'm trying to get the Windows 2003 servers to obtain time from the Netware
server, but they keep returning "The time provider NtpClient cannot reach or
is currently receiving invalid time data from ..." {my Netware server}.

1) Does anyone know if Windows 2003 server boxes are able to use a Netware
6.5 box running Timesync as a time source?
2) If Timesync can't be used as a time source, how does XNTP fare?
3) If XNTP is able to provide time data to Windows 2003 servers, how do I go
about converting my Netware servers running Timesync to XNTP?

I look forward to your response