I have a Wyse V30L thin client. I'm running Windows 2003 Terminal
Server. I'm trying to lock down the terminal server desktop so that the
only option the user will see is a clock, a log off button on the
classic start menu, and the icons I put on the desktop. So far I've
managed the icons and to get the desktop lock down to the point that the
end user can't do anything. However, the start menu still shows
'Settings>Windows Security' and 'Programs>Startup'. I can't get the
clock to show up either without unlocking the profile and turning the
clock on.

What I need to know is:
Is it possible to remove 'Settings' and 'Programs' from the start menu?
The thin client doesn't show up in AD under Computers and I haven't
figured out a way to add it (if it's even possible).

Is there away to turn on the clock through GP without unlocking each
profile and manually turning on the clock?

And lastly. Is it possible to move the default path for user profiles
from 'Documents and Settings' to a SANS? I don't have one yet so this
is more of a curious question.