mbrannen@cosortho.com wrote:

> I have border manager enterprise 3.5 installed and running on my

> doing things such as proxy and vpn access. I would like to set up

> radius server so that I can use it to control access to mac

addresses from
> my wireless acess points. Is there any documentation on the web

site that
> would tell me how to do this or atleast how to get a list of mac

> in the server so that the ap's can use it to authenticate.
> Thanks,
> Michael Brannen

I have my Enterasys R1 and R2 access points authenticating via the
wanting-to-connect devices MAC address using RADIUS from BM 3.7

That information came from the Enterasys manuals.

1) It only uses a DAS (no DAP)
2) I enter in the MAC adresses as a normal user. The password is set
to NOPASSWORD and I tell the user object to use the DAS.