Wondering if anyone has found any good ways around this bundle chaining problem (or am I missing something):

Bundle "Reader 8 Install" is set to install by msi, and has a requirement filter to not install if file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\AcroRd32.exe exists. Not assigned to anyone.

Bundle "Reader 8 Icon" is set to 1) Install bundle "Reader 8 Install" once per device and then 2)launch AcroRd32.exe, no requirements, assigned to everyone.

This works great for a machine that has never had Reader 8 installed.

But if Reader 8 was for example manually installed, it fails when the "Reader 8 Icon" is called....it fails at the "Reader 8 Install" action because the file existence filter is not met. At that point all actions are blocked and the program is not launched.

I have tried setting the "Continue on Failure" setting for the Install msi Action but it doesn't change anything.....Should it?

This behaviour existed in Zen6.5 and I was hoping that it might be changed in ZCM because in my mind it never seemed logical.....it seems to me that if one calls a bundle that does not meet the criteria....that action should simply be skipped and get onto the next action.

Our large problem now is that we are migrating from Zen6.5 to ZCM and have 1000 machines with installs done by our Zen6.5. The new Zen doesn't see any of the "Install Once Per Device" of the old Zen Apps and tries to install a second time...which mostly fails. For us, this means either a lot of scripting or a lot of duplicate bundles to handle both situations....already installed or not.

Any comments and experiences would be greatly appreciated.