First, I hope I am posting in the appropriate area, if not please correct me.

I am a Junior Admin who has been tasked with researching the viability of allowing some of our users to connect to their Novell mapped drives and shares from their home PCs.

In the past the few users who needed this access had the Client installed on their computer & would vpn in, log in, & problem solved.

Now however we are seeing a growing number & we don't want to install/support on this many computers.

What I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to do, is allow them to VPN in, using the Cisco client, and then connect to a Terminal Server running on a Win2k3_R2 box & have the client run from there & map drives/shares to their home PC.

Is there a way to connect & map only their shares from their login scripts without logging them onto a virtual or physical desktop?
Is this an outlandish or impossible task? Am I going about it all wrong?

The computers in question would all be running XP, & we run NW 6.5 sp3 servers & currently the 4.91 sp3 client.

Any assistance or ideas greatly appreciated !