I've finally got the Zenworks 7 sp1 ir3a bootcd to work with the Dell Optiplex 755. I had to modify the syslinux.cfg from Novell's support site where you add the new deviceid approach and it worked!

I was able to install a zen partition, then I configured it from the settings.txt file stored at the root of the botcd.

Next I copied a zenwork imaged (dell755.zmg) from my network onto a USB hard drive.

I then went into manual mode of Zenworks 7 sp1 ir3a bootcd and when I got to the bash#: I typed in mkdir /mnt/usb pressed enter and the typed in mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb (as the usb hard drive was sdb1) and the USB hard drive mounted fine as I verified by typing in ls /mnt/usb and it showed all the files on the USB hard drive.

However, when from the Bash#: I tried restoring the image from USB hard drive onto the local computer I typed in img rl /mnt/usb/dell755.zmg and it eventually generated a system 2 error message. However, when I typed in imp rp //bsch_lab/zen_images/dell.zmg it started restoring fine.

I know with Zenworks 4.01 ir7 bootcd in the past I was able to restore from a USB hard drive from the method above.

In manual mode of the Zenworks 7 sp1 ir3a bootcd is there a way of restoring from the USB hard drive to the local computer because the method above generates an error message?