When editing a user in ConsoleOne or iManager I receive the following error:

"(Error -659) Time synchronization services has detected a problem with an operation attempting to modify replica information.

An error occurred writing the changes to NDS.
Some data may not have been written."

I've been searching through similar forum posts and this is pretty clearly a time sync issue, but my logs are a bit different than others posted so I wanted to get some fresh advice.

I have run DSREPAIR (unattended full repairs and local DB repairs) on the primary server until there are no errors.

No matter how many times I run time sync, the servers never seem to sync up. Here is the latest timesync log:

/************************************************** **************************/
NetWare 1602.00 Directory Services Repair 10551.26, DS 10553.73
Log file for server ".serv1.1.2" in tree "tree"
Time synchronization and server status information
Start: Friday, October 17, 2008 5:17:53 pm Local Time

DS.NLM Replica Time Time is Time
Server name Version Depth Source in sync +/-
.serv3.3.2 10553.73 -1 Secondary No 0
.serv4.4.2 10553.73 0 Secondary No - 2
.serv5.5.2 10553.73 0 Secondary No - 4
.serv2.2.2 10553.73 0 NTP No +29
.serv1.1.2 10553.73 0 NTP No 0

*** END ***

It seems that I may not need to have two NTP servers, but perhaps having two of them doesn't hurt anything - I'm not sure. I'm also curious as to why .serv3 reports -1 replica depth. All of these servers are physically located in the same closet, connected to the same equipment via gigabit connections. Thanks in advance!