Can anyone point me to the URL for using the CRON command on a NW65SP7
server? I've tried a pile of searches and not coming up with the
instructions on using CRON, just a lot of references for it... I did find
references for TID#2939440 but when I follow the link or try to search on
it, it's not found.

All I'm trying to do is schedule a weekly purge on all our volumes for all
files deleted more than 30 days again. I have the syntax for the toolbox
purge command tested and working OK, it's just now to program the server to
do it for me every weekend...

Note my CRONTAB file already has these 2 lines in it:
# Run perl script to rotate logs each midnight.
0 0 * * * perl sys:/apache2/ sys:/apache2/rotate.ini --noscreen

But CRON.NLM is not loaded either presently or in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file. Is
the above some sort of sample? If I load CRON believe the above will run,
is this a problem?

Guess I could use the NRM scheduler?