We are about to set up a new server-platform-solution based on HP Proliant servers and one HP MSA2000 SAN iSCSI.
On servers we will run VMWare ESX Standard.
As a backup-solution we will set up a Backup Proxy-server that will run two backup-software; VMWare Consolidate Backup(VCB) that will take backup- of all virtual machines down to lokal harddrives, then use BackupExec12 Single Server Edition to put it down to tape.

This solution will only bacup the whole VMs and restore will be based on putting back whole VMs. Now we will also need a way to restore single files from these images and there is a solution to get file-access to VM-images to restore single files. This is included in last version of VMWare ESX.
The problem for us is that this single file restore solution from VMWare images only support NTFS. This meen VCB can't open fileaccess on other filesystem than NTFS. So if we run OES2 or SLES, single file restore in VMWare Consolidate Backp will not work.

I want to run OES2 but im under pressure in selection of OS. Our fix will be to eighter stop using Novell and go for Microsoft, or we must update BackupExec with Remote Agents for other OSs and run a more complicate and more expencive backup-system.

I need some advices here!