Hello all,

I've set up a test ZLM server and downloaded a yup mirror for SLES 10
SP2. I got the Online stuff, but I read now I don't need that. I did
do the zlmload for the distribution DVDs for SP1 and SP2. I'll yup SP1

In the publication "Advanced patching of SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server 10 with ZENworks Linux Management 7.2" that I downloaded from,
I think, Coolsolutions, there's a bash script that reads the yup tree,
loads the rpms into bundles, and sorts them into several useful
groups. I had to hack at it a bit, but it works fine now.

I do notice that it's coded to skip all *.patch.rpm packages. I don't
understand why it's skipping all the patch.rpm packages. Seems to me
they'd be important. There are also a bunch of delta.rpm packages; I
don't know if it's adding them.

It also won't load *.src.rpm packages. I do install source on some
machines and would like it to be updated. It actually looks like ZLM
won't accept the source packages as I can't even add one by hand.

I'm new to getting this deeply into ZLM but I'm putting out 150 SLES
servers so I need it.

If someone could enlighten me in the mysteries of this strange
behavior, I'd be grateful.