Getting varied results testing results with 'zac ref' command line and looking for some input.

the tests involve the automatic app uninstall feature. If I remove myself from an AD group and then launch the Zen Refresh from the normal icon in the tray (right-click and refresh) the app will uninstall and then the icon will disappear (works great).

If I try the same test with running the command line zac ref command line, the app doesn't uninstall automatically, yet the icon does disappear from the desktop. the app never uninstalls. If I then try to run the normal refresh tray icon (right-click and refresh) it still won't auto uninstall.

I tried procmon/filemon but the right-click-refresh doesn't run zac.exe.

Does anyone know what exactly is running when you perform a right-click and refresh from the tray icon and can that string be run from a command-line? thanks