upgrading out ZCM server from 10.1 to 10.1.1 via ZCM - Configuration -
System Updates dies not finish; Status shows >In Process< Pending >0<,
Successful >17<, Failed >0<, so Update should change to Baselined and Agent
Packages should be new generated on 10.1.1 level, but nothing in this way
What can I do to finish the upgrade? As long as such problems occurs I
cannot deploy ZCM on our campus and have to stay on Zen 7 level; Some people
at our university in the meantime prefer to cancel ZCM and switch to other
managing solutions.

There are some other issues with ZCM I have posted in the corresponding
newsgroups, for example a issue with remote control posted on October 13 and
one posted on August 26, for the October 13 post only automatic reply is
given, for the August posting I cannot see a reason why certificates are not
generated for the remote operator if I use external CAs).


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