Hi Everyone,

I just started at a new client and they are using netcache for proxy services, we have 7 distrubion sites where each would run a netcache device delivering http etc...then at the CAN they also have
one...currently users are required to authenticate to the nt domain
before netcache allows them to browse...this all needs to be changed
bm/raduis/authentication..truth is i do not have a clue how this would

work or what i'll need for this...but they do not want to use bm's
only raduis or what ever is needed to authenticate users to the
box'es before allowing them access?? anybody used this combination

Please guys/girls i need some help here, as you can see they are ready
go all the way with novell, i even must migrate from exchange to
groupwise next week....and they want edir on all nt/2000 boxe's....

Thys de Beer