We have a big testing environement with ZCM
and agents is deployed on 120 workstations (100 with primary agent and 20 with inventory only agent).

We plan to upgrade to the SP1, and on the occasion switch the database to an external DB (MS-SQL). Currently we have the embedded Sybase.

In this case, the upgrade is not possible, so we want to make a full reinstall of the server, we're ok. Loose the data in the db too, no problem,
the inventory process will restart at this date.

But the question is, if we desinstall the version and install the 10.1,
What about the workstations agents ?
Have we to change the name of the zone ?
Can we upgrade them or reregister them on the new server (Zone?) ?

We plan to do,these steps
- Unregister agents
- Uninstall srv
- Install srv 10.1
- reregister agent.

but the unregister command doesn't make nothing.

Have you a better idea for this operation without having to reinstall the full agent on the workstations ?

Thanks for your responses, and sorry for approximative english.