My radius server just stopped to authenticate users. I get the
message: "Unknown radius client".

I doubled checked the Radius NDS Objects in ConsoleOne. We re-entered
secrets on the watchguard and on the Radius Server. All is configured
way i did it several times. No ip adresses have changed.

We applied a CLib Patch as recommened by Novell for an incident issue.
this cause side effects? We downgraded all files back to NW51SP5, but
didnt help.

The server is holding all Master Replicas of all partitions (its our server just for LDAP, Radius and NDS synchronization).

Any hints, ideas, suggestions? There is not much to configure and i
checked to configure all in the same way as when we did the first

NW51 SP5, eDirectory 8.6.2SP2
Radius.nlm Version 4.01 (NMAS)