Hi all.

I've an OES2 Linux as DSMASTER, and two OES2 Linux nodes running Novell Cluster Services as a file servers. The cluster has four shared disks configured with DTS and DFS, so two cluster resources with two disks each one. I've all three machines update with all patches up-to-date.

All of this is running virtualized onto a VMware Workstation 6.5 as this is not a production environment. Is only for testing purpouses.

All this scenario is running perfectly.

Starting from this, first i've upgraded DSMASTER to OES2 SP1, first upgrading to SLES10 SP2 and setting OES2 SP1 as an add-on product. No issue at all. Perfect!. eDir upgraded to 8.8.4, iManager to 2.7.2, remote manager running. Very nice.

Wll the next step is to upgrade on cluter node. Following the documentation, i've balanced all cluster resources to node 2, and restarted node 1 with SLES10 SP2 CD inserted.

Installation program starts, detects a previous version of the OS and i check "upgrade" process. Ok. Set OES2 SP1 as a add-on product and all seems going well, but just before upgrade process start, Yast displays dependency issues with nss kernel module. The only choice to validate the dependencies, is to select the "delete" option for this lernel module. Ok. Let's accept this option... and then upgrade begins with a message like "deleting blah, blah..." and it hangs.

Ive tried it a couple of times, and always has the same behaviour.

Anybody knows what is happening? How can i solve it?