I have a problem after I uninstalled the Novell client on a Win XP Pro SP2 Dell Latitude D800. At first I had a problem with the nwgina.dll file. When I restarted it after the uninstall an error message pops saying "The Logon User Interface DLL NWGina.DLL failed to loadí and the only option I have to do is restart the computer. I replaced the nwgina.dll with a msgina.dll file that I renamed to nwgina.dll. But now when I enter safe mode or any mode, the built in touchpad mouse and built in keyboard does not work. I can use the Fn key and up/down arrows to brighten/dim the screen, but nothing else works. Neither does any USB keyboard or mouse or the ps/2 on the docking station. Nothing. Keyboards works fine in the BIOS. The CDROM is now working so I canít use a recovery. I am stuck. Any ideas?