I have just set up an OES2 SLES 10 server with ZDM installed on it and am trying to set up a search able, drive mappable NSS volume for the folder where we are storing our images. When I installed NSS the SYS and _ADMIN folders automatically appeared, and when I installed the Zen Image Server, the SCANDIR and DICTDIR directories have automatically appeared when I use the UNC to the server and ConsoleOne. I can find the physical locations of the network folders on the server, and like I said, I'd like to set up my folder that houses my images the same way too. All I can find under YAST is an option to Migrate Netware Volumes, and even though the linux server volumes show up in ConsoleOne, they don't show up in iManager. Not sure if this is normal or something going on with my system. Anyway how can I make my folder in to an NSS volume? Thanks!