During a zlmmirror like this:

zlmmirror mirror -c /var/opt/novell/zenworks/pkg-repo/myfilename.xml --
verbose --force-nevra

Everything seems to run fine with no errors I download a bunch of
packages and eventually everything seems to finish normally but during
the operation I see messages like this:

Downloading 3179 out of 1424 packages "ethereal 0.10.14-16.26 sles-10-
i586 (i586)", file size: 6.961 MB (7,298,895 bytes)

The part that is weird is the "Downloading 3179 out of 1424 packages"
does this mean there is a problem with my Zen database? Or is this just
some strange syntax? Seems like if there are only 1424 packages how am I
downloading the 3179th one? I had something similar happen a few months
ago where my OES1 repo mirror got broken and I had to delete it and all
the bundles and re-download all the packages which seems to have fixed it
I was wondering if this could be happening again.

Thanks for any insight.