Are quite possibly the worst I have ever experienced. I really like the product
for the most part but the support is absolutely atrocious! I would venture to
say they are worse than symantec. I opened a ticket online, and 16 days and 2
emails later I still had not received a response. After 4 phone calls to a
broken phone system, I finally got through to the tech support number, which
sounded like a old-fashion tape answering machine that said "leave a message
and someone will call you back". Tried that... nothing. Finally I called back
and asked for sales. Whaddayaknow - instant answer by a human! I let loose on
the poor sales guy... and he got me to the director of support who told me:

"You can't do that anymore since the last update".

So basically, I now have to go through and whitelist dozens if not hundreds of
educational sites that students use regularly because Trustesource also
categorized them as 'Games'.

I am vexxed.