We got the zenumia package installed and loading after solving all dependency issue but it does not appear to register. Anybody ever worked with this?

Snipet from log.....
10/20/08 15:38:55 - *** PostInventoryResults: sending ./outgoingUIA/1223902315-b681882e992511ddaa42080020c01fea-last.xml to
10/20/08 15:38:55 -
10/20/08 15:38:55 - Failed to connect to Bad file number
10/20/08 15:38:55 - Unable to send inventory ./outgoingUIA/1223902315-b681882e992511ddaa42080020c01fea-last.xml to

Any input would be appreciated. Running ZCM 10.1 on SLES10 SP2. Just updating to 10.1.1 today. No a routing or firewall issue as far as we can tell.