I have 3 Netware 6.5 OES servers; on the primary server we have created a folder that supposes to contain 15 files. I have 2 computers logged on as admin, when I open up the created folder on one computer it shows that it has 8 files the second one shows 15 files. I decided to open console1 and check, the same folder it shows only 12 files. I copied the folder from the computer that is showing the correct amount of files to another server 6.5 server you can see the entire 15 files from both workstations. I have ran disrepair all is clean, I dont have any sync issues or timing issues between servers. DS version 10553.73

I just noticed after I did config, I did not see any bindary context display at the bottom of the screen.

I noticed that the server that is having problems running a quickfinder server console, Never seen that service run before. I am wondering if that is my problem. Anyway I could use some input on this one.

Thanks for your help.