Can someone explain to me why Novell would want me to pay at *least*
US$75,000 (probably closer to US$120,000) so that my 3,000 NDS users
can authenticate to a BM 3.7 Radius server? We only use the Radius
portion of BM -- no VPN, firewall, etc.

I'm running BM 3.7 using the 90-day trial license and it is working
beautifully. It's a shame that 60 days from now it looks like I'll be

migrating to Funk Software's Steel-Belted Radius product and using itto authenticate my users to our *shudder* MS Active Directory.
Steel-Belted Radius will set us back a whole US$3,400 for unlimited
user connections. I simply cannot justify the expense for BM. C'mon-- $75,000?! That's real money we're talking about.

I'm just curious how Novell expects to sell this product (as well as
many of their other ones). Don't get my wrong, I am a die-hard
Netware fan and always will be, but I am constantly fighting an uphill

battle trying to justify licensing expense. Even when factoring in
TCO for Novell's products their pricing is still way, way out of
bounds for us compared with competing products.

This rant was pretty much rhetorical -- no replies necessary. I justneeded to vent. Thanks.