In this forum group I already got the answer, that a CLNTRUST.EXE for
Vista64 / 2008-64 isn't available and will not be available for at
least several months.

This site is still on BM3.8, an upgrade to 3.9 will be done this year.

When specifying the BM3.8 as proxy server, currently the redirection to
teh BM's login page shows up in IE and FF, but the login form doesn't
show up -- that's fact 100% for IE, and most times for FF. I suspect,
that this is due to a certificate name missmatch? (Certificate:
proxy.company.intern, proxy address specified: just "proxy". The DNS
suffix for all WS is "company.intern", shouldn't that be sufficent?)

Or is that a general 3.8 issue that's solved in BM3.9?

BTW: What will happen to the BM product in the long run?
NetWare will go EOL March 2010, BM3.9 April 2010.
After these dates, where will the product BM go?

BM4.0 running on SLES/OES?

Regards, Rudi.

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Schweinfurter Str. 131
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