This post relates to PCs running XP Professional SP2 or SP3 connecting to Netware 6.5 servers over IP with latest patches in place.

We have always updated the Novell 4.91 Client SP1 thru SP4 by running the setupsp.exe file on individual work stations from the patch download site without any problem.

Running setupsp.exe from the latest 4.91 SP5 download however, we have found the following:

1. For PCs running just the Novell client - no problem. (These PCs typically had the original Microsoft Client removed as the first step after purchase, and then the Novell client installed using setupnw.exe current at the time).

2. For PCs running both the MS Client for windows networks and the Novell Client for Netware (typically 4.91 SP4), after applying SP5 the PCs would log into Netware but would not run login scripts batch files or run executable programs on the server located via network places, network search etc. Response broadly indicated that things could no longer be found on the server.

3. If the MS client is removed or disabled in Network Connections, the problem disappears. Put it back, problem returns. Run the full setupnw.exe (instead of the setupsp.exe) still the same problem.

The only way we have been able to fix the problem is:

First remove the Novell Client
Install the MS Client for Netware (alongside the MS Client for Windows)
Install the Novell Client for Netware (which removes the MS Client for Netware)

All works OK now for that PC, BUT, if we now put the MS Client for Windows onto a PC which is only running 4.91 SP5, that PC also gives the same problem which has to be resolved as described.

Any clues as to what is happening and why?