We've got an OES2 server running ZCM. We've made the config changes to bind ZCM to a single IP (and Loopback, see Binding ZCM to a single IP address in this forum and Binding ZCM to a Single IP address in the Cool Soluitions Wiki).

There is another wrinkle, which is that when the server is bound to the specific address (not the DNS name of the host...) the Management Agent running on the server loses communication with ZCM. The "Last connection" time doesn't update, and we can't "Refresh Device". (BTW, when we revert to the default config with no 'address" specified for the listener, the server works correctly.)

I am guessing that the agent running on the server is trying to connect to itself using an unbound address? Is there a simple way to change this configuraiton? Or, do I need to install a second (temporary) Primary and reinstall ZCM?