Hoping someone can help out. We have recently had to rebuild our Zen Works Server and am having problems getting our old clients to connect and be seen by our new server.

The Database has exactly the same name as the old one and the Server Name and IP address are the same however on running the discovery tool the Server discovers loads of machines that hadn't had the client rolled out to them and totally misses the clients that had the original client installed.

The server can physically see the clients and can ping them and vice versa.

If i go to a machine with the old client installed and open the properties box it shows the management zone and all information relevant - this all apears to be correct. It also shows both when the last contact with the server was and when it will contact it again, everytime this time rolls past and it just puts the time as some future point in time.

Can someone help, this is driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance.