I have one user experiencing a margin issue where the right margin is very
small...maybe .25" and the left margin is too big, maybe 1.25". The
documents look fine in Word and WordPerfect, just the actually print out is
off. When other users print to this printer there is no problem.
Everything lines up correctly. So, I installed their printer in direct ip
mode so it bypasses the iPrint client and it then prints correctly. So it
appears the iPrint client is causing this problem. This workstation has
4.38 installed so I went back to 4.34 as that is the version used on other
workstations that have no problems...same result with 4.34.

I've also tried using the 2430 and LJ 4 plus drivers. All have the same
margin issue from this workstation.

So, as far as the user is concerned the problem is fixed however I like to
use the iPrint Health Monitor to get usage reports and this user's usage
will no longer show up in that since they are now in direct ip mode.

Any ideas?