My pops computer bit the dust here awhile back so I've been on the
lookout for one to replace it with. Found an old NT server at work that
was on it's way to the big computer store in the sky. So I decided to
save it. Well, attempt to anyways.

So for it's looking pretty good for saving. 768mb of ram, 450mhz P3,
and lot's of dust <cough>. While Windows would be the ideal OS for the
monster I decide to try out Xubuntu. Should be interesting to say the
least. I'll probably have to scrap Linux in favor of Windows, but just
for the fun of it I'm gonna try out Linux and have pops come over and
give it a go. Who knows. He might actually be able to use it. All he
ever uses it for is to get on the internet, check e-mail, and write a
few docs. If I can accomplish all that with Linux and he can work it
(big hopes there) the all is golden.

**** this thing is slow.

Craaaaappppppp. Can't detect the ancient Diamond "3D" video card.
Swapped it out for an ancient trident video card. Let's see if this one
is detected. If not the only other one I have is an Nvidia card that
I'm not sure will work all that good in here. Wonder if I still have
that old gforce 2 card?

More to come... maybe.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant