Were running nw65sp7 with audit starter pack 1.0.3.
A couple of days ago I installed imanager plugins (v2.7.20080626) since I
noticed that audit was missing from "Roles and tasks". Yesterday we
restarted the server and when it came back up it abended on auditnw.nlm
which I explained in novell.support.netware.6x.abends-hangs.
I was then recommended to upgrade to Audit 2.0.2 fp5 and this is where I
have some questions.

I downloaded Audit 2.0.2 fp5, mounted the .iso and started the installation.
Here I get several options:
Extend the schema
Full installation
Platform agent
Reporting application
Secure logging server
How do I know which of these components I should install ? Its been ages
since I installed the server and configured audit...
Is there a good howto on this somewhere ?