In the thread dated 20 Apr 03 entitled "OT:BM license pricing (minor
Scott said the problem would be fixed permanently "this week".

That was then, this is now - any details on the fix?

I posted a very similar note over a year ago and Scott promised that a

"customer-friendly solution was in the works". Since then, nothing....

My main points were similar to those already made in the recent
thread, i.e.

- Radius services should be free since Windows2000 includes them
- Radius services should be free since an OS calling itself an
"enterprise-level NOS" but not including Radius services should
call itself an "enterprise-level NOS but sorry, Radius costs extra."
- Yes, Radius services are included in the BM (not 3.8), NMAS and
products but many users just want the Radius services.

IMO, the only satisfactory solution would be to add Radius support to
"lite" NMAS already included in NW6 / 6.5. Come on, there's still time
make it into shipping 6.5...?

Unless someone has an alternative free solution using the NAMP
stuff such as mod-auth-radius.