For years I was using myrealbox mostly to receive listserv emails that I only checked when I needed to research a problem. I had 3 accounts on there, and used 2 that way. The third was used as an external test email account for when I had to see if a customer's GroupWise was accepting inbound email. Since GroupWise rarely has problems, I didn't use it more than once every couple of months.

For that reason I missed the "warning, we're selling to Messaging Architects - reply now if you're still using this account" email until it was too late.

I would still like to re-establish my test email account. I've gone to their site multiple times to try to contact them, but have been unable to get any response other than the auto-generated one telling me to look at the FAQs.

Has anyone else had this problem, or am I just being a dunce?