We're trying to get a RADIUS server running to allow a wireless LAN
gateway to us it as an authentication source. All the objects seem to
created OK and we've enabled some test users with Dial In Access but
keep getting the following error on the console RADIUS screen at the

[Date/Time] Access Rejected
<IP Address of client> .user.context.root, Method not supported.

We know we're making a connection to the server because if we use a
object that is not enable for access we get the error message:

User not enable for RADIUS login.

We're testing using NTRadPing 1.2.

I don't know if this helps but we can only seem to get anything when
using Authentication Request request type on NTRadPing. Server Statusrequest type just gives us timeout messages at the NTRadPing server
reply window and nothing showing up on the console server screen.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Server was rebooted this morning so it's not been up long and we're
running BM3.7 on NW6 SP2.