Using Novell 6.5 on a Dell server for one of our networks.
Transformer exploded outside yesterday.
Power down for a long time.
No one here to shut down the system.
Now server reboots but network won't come up for any user.

IT guy got a better job elsewhere.
We formerly ran a very small computer services sister company here and that has closed. He came to work here. Now he is gone for a month or two.

Now the server in our small doctors office reboots and has an "abend" (look at me learning things in under 12 hours researching server and network administration)
Network now won't work since client doesnt recognize server as present in the tree, even doesnt recognize a tree out there.

We found the administration manual online, but didnt find a solution.
Not sure how to find and print abend log.
Suspect we still have unresolved nlm errors since that is what remains in red when we take the system down and then reboot.
It flies by pretty fast. At one time an abend blue screen was seen.
I selected the save option and now can't find the info.

I find no step by step thread to advise the brand new novice network administrator in a very small business how to evaluate and tackle the problem with a limited amount of computer knowledge.
I hope we can get some help here.
Meanwhile, I am calling around town to find whether we may need a new relationship with a computer services provider.

I know that the answer is to hit the easy button and call for support locally.
This is a pretty small city and so far not much luck
in finding the Optimal Solution.
Thanks for any encouragement or other suggestions.