I have a couple questions about imaging.

I notice that you can setup a hardware rule that images a computer based on the rule that is set. In Zenworks 7 I created a base image for each specific model of computer that we have. Is there a way in ZCM to have a rule identify the system, the information given in hardware inventory of ZCM which correctly identifies the model of the computer, or the exact processor of the computer as a rule? I did not see any of those two categories under Hardware rules for preboot services. I see that there is an option for creating custom hardware rules using custom hardware types, but I am unsure of how exactly ZCM is picking up the specific system model of the computer and whether it is picking up from the BIOS or not.

The other question I have only applies if I cannot create a hardware rule based on the information I gave above. Is it possible after you create an imaging script to run the script, manually, from the command line once you boot into the ZCM imaging services though manual maintenance mode?